Winning On and Off the Scoreboard

The only true failure you will run into in life is the kind in which you have not expended all efforts and approached the situation without the right attitude. Don’t allow you to beat you. That is unacceptable.

This also means do not fail in effort or in attitude toward your teammates. The preparation before a game—team bonding, positive criticism, accepting responsibility—is part of a winning process that is just as important as performing on the field. You cannot have one without the other.

This requires a heavy discipline, but not one that is not worth doing. The discipline to give it your all is what makes life worth living. It is, in fact, how you get the most out of life. To do this, however, you must put your actions into the process. This is accountability of self. Hold yourself to the standard you know you are capable of, and give it your all. When you have done this, there is no more you can do. But remember, you should have nothing left in you. All the hard work has been put in, and the results will truthfully speak to that. Do not cut corners.

Mitch Morse, David Butler and Connor McGovern, MU vs Georgia

To have a winning attitude, your teammates must be able to trust you. Communication between coaches and players is very important. Without communication, you will have no trust. Without trust, you will have no accountability. Doubting yourself gets you nowhere.

When you choose to make that worthwhile and fulfilling commitment on the football team at Mizzou, to give it your all everyday, you should know the Team Bottom Line.

  1. We are enthusiastic
  2. We are six-second competitors
  3. We know our assignments
  4. We play tough and physical

Care about your family, the Missouri Tiger family, and make the sacrifices needed to make the team better. In the end, it will give everybody his best interest. You don’t have to be selfish to get what you want.

Ultimately, the game is won in the fourth quarter. Play the whole game. You can have a breather when you’ve given it your all, and that is the best kind of breather you can have.

Make a difference today.