Where Are They Now? Jeff Wolfert


Mizzou Made

For former placekicker Jeff Wolfert, football was not part of the plan when he came to Mizzou in 2004.

Wolfert originally attended Mizzou on a swim and dive scholarship, but he had a burning desire to play football. When Wolfert wasn’t in the pool, he was training and kicking, hoping that a collegiate football career would become a reality. In his second year at Mizzou, Wolfert was able to walk onto the team

As a walk-on kicker with little experience, Wolfert astounded the masses when he emerged as one of the nation’s top kickers in the 2006 season. He was a starter for three years, and by the end of his college career, was named the NCAA’s Most Accurate Kicker of all-time.

“Just the coaches calling your number gives you enough support and confidence to go out and make the kick,” Wolfert said. “You earn that trust and you earn those opportunities just by how you’re performing. My experience at Mizzou was incredible, an experience I could never, ever have dreamed of.”

The NFL & KCKicking

After college, Wolfert trained as a free agent. He joined the United Football League, and then accepted an offer to play for the Cleveland Browns. He played in multiple preseason games and
scored a game-winning 45-yard field goal against Detroit.

2012-08-10_Wolfert_Jeff028Wolfert worked on the side by coaching young athletes, and he soon discovered a passion for coaching.

“I found that as I was still pursuing that NFL dream, coaching helped me understand kicking better and actually helped me improve as an athlete, as well,” Wolfert said.

As his NFL pursuit came to a close, his coaching career hit an all-time high. Wolfert started a kicking and punting instructional company in Kansas City called KCKicking. The company offers camps, showcases, and lessons for kickers and punters.

“We specialize in helping high school kickers and punters make the transition to college football,” Wolfert said. “In the past three years, I’ve had 75 kids commit to college programs. We’re growing and working with more kids each year.”

Wolfert’s Mizzou history has made an impact on KCKicking. His business ventures are modeled after several aspects of the Mizzou Football program.

“Mizzou Football was always very organized,” Wolfert said. “Everything I do has to be professional and top of the line. Seeing the Mizzou Football program and the success it’s had, I try to convert that over to my business.”

Wolfert’s goal for his camps is to give it an edge that other camps may not offer.

“What I offer at my camps is that I value individualized instruction. I don’t have a cookie-cutter approach to how you must kick and punt,” Wolfert said. “I tailor the instruction to the skills of the athlete I’m working with and also incorporate a lot of video review.”

KCK-69Along with personal training and camps, Wolfert finds a way to make it back to his alma mater. He helps with Mizzou Football camps every year.

“I know all the guys on the roster,” Wolfert said. “We all respect each other and we’ve all been in the same shoes, so we use each other as a resource.”

Wolfert has called upon his Mizzou Football Family to help coach at his camps, specifically Trey Barrow, Jake Harry, Andrew Baggett and Christian Brinser.

“We all stay in touch anyways, so I try to get them involved with KCKicking as much as I can,” Wolfert said.

As the company continues to grow, Wolfert has plans to expand camp locations each year and hopes that his company will offer national camps in the future.

“Anything I offer is going to be professional, it is going to be well-run, and it is going to be a quality service.” Wolfert said.