The Mizzou Football Family

“We are family. We are Mizzou.”

Mizzou Football means a lot of things. It is part of the SEC. It is an athletic powerhouse and has won 15 conference titles. However, the most significant trait of Mizzou Football is family.

The family atmosphere is so powerful that it is contagious. The atmosphere attracts rookie talent from across the nation and strengthens individuals personally, intellectually, and emotionally to be part of a team unit.

Being a family is the key to being part of the Mizzou team. The Mizzou Football Family is a group of individuals connected by a feeling of closeness. This closeness is a result of trust, which is established over time and hard work. When each player commits to the Missouri Family Covenant,they are committing to sacrifice, hard work and time spent building one another up to be a family unit.

The Missouri Family Covenant is an agreement that binds all members of the team together as one and includes the standards and practices necessary to win a championship.

Here are the keys to family as demonstrated through The Missouri Family Covenant:

  1. University of Missouri Football Rule of Declaration:There are only two options regarding the commitment to the family covenant… You’re either in or you’re completely out. There is no such thing as life in between.
  2. You are committed to excellence not only as an athlete, but a student-athlete. Your success and achievements are for your family.
  3. All individual goals and accomplishments are secondary to the family’s success. Jealousy, individualism, and selfishness are extremely destructive to the family.
  4. You will abide by family policy, rules, and regulations.
  5. You will not participate in any cliques or segmented groups that destroy the family. We must support all family members at all times.
  6. A Missouri Tiger Football player gives his all—all the time. He never gives up and he never gives in.
  7. You must have a winning attitude to support your family through thick and thin.

When a student-athlete commits to the Missouri Family Covenant he commits to always representing his teammates. In practice, respecting teammates means protecting the family, putting the team first, saying and doing the right thing, and making good choices.

Seniors in the Mizzou Football Family have had time to establish trust and honor this commitment to the Mizzou family. If it weren’t for athletics, many Mizzou athletes may never have met the men who became their closest friends. This concept is what makes this opportunity for family so great; everyone on the roster has been chosen to give to the Mizzou family by coming together and working to achieve not only success on the field, but to better oneself as a person off the field.