GP M.A.D.E. Scholarship

Deadline:Closed. Will reopen in January 2022. Scholarships awarded by May 2022.

Scholarships will be awarded by:  May 2022



The GP M.A.D.E. Foundation, Inc. (the “Foundation”) started by Coach Gary Pinkel, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, established to provide financial assistance to young people facing difficult challenges.  The Foundation Support Objectives are:

  1. Support and research for youth facing lymphoma and leukemia cancers
  2. Assisting youth with physical challenges
  3. Aiding youth experiencing economic and social challenges through mentoring/scholarship, etc.

To be eligible for a scholarship, an individual must show

  1. A financial need.
  2. Possess the motivation to succeed
  3. Be of good character.

The applicant must be under the age of 20 and a Missouri resident. The scholarship must be used in the state of Missouri for a higher education program, at a trade school or a college or university.


Scholarship recipients – known as GP M.A.D.E. Scholars – are selected each year by the Scholarship Committee of the Foundation. Recipients will be chosen based on the three criteria listed under Eligibility.

Award Amounts

The GP M.A.D.E. Foundation Scholarship awards are up to $2,000 per year.

Application Package

Consideration will be given to candidates submitting complete application packages, which include:

  1. A complete GP M.A.D.E. application form (copies are acceptable);
  2. Proof of United States citizenship.
  3. Provide high school transcript with GPA

Applications and attachments may be mailed (postmarked by the application deadline) or emailed (by the application deadline) to:

  • By Mail
    GP M.A.D.E. Foundation, Inc.
    Attention: Scholarship Committee
    P.O. Box 665
    Columbia, MO 65201OR
  • By Email

The GP M.A.D.E. scholarship committee may require an interview with the applicant(s). If needed, applicant(s) will be notified by telephone, email, or letter regarding their interview date and time. All interviews shall be completed prior to the deadline of the award date for the application year.

Renewing Scholarship Eligibility

The GP M.A.D.E. scholarship committee will consider renewing a scholarship for up to four years if the Scholar maintains a minimum 2.0 GPA and is considered a student in good standing. The Scholar will be required to show proof of grades for the school year.

Scholarship Awarding Procedure and Payments

The applicant must be under the age of 20 and a Missouri resident. The scholarship must be used in the state of Missouri for a higher education program, at a trade school or at a college or university. The Foundation will notify the applicant of their award before May 7th. The check will be made payable to the school chosen by the applicant. Any taxes that may be due are entirely the responsibility of the recipient Scholar. Please consult your tax adviser to determine your tax treatment.

Loss of Renewable Scholarship

Scholar shall not be eligible to renew his or her scholarship if:

  1. Individual is no longer a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  2. Scholar no longer meets the three Eligibility criteria as determined by the Scholarship Committee.
  3. Scholar no longer maintains a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  4. Scholar is no longer considered a student in good standing.
Change of Contact Information

If there is a change of name, address, telephone number, cell phone number or email address – the applicant and/or scholar must immediately notify the Foundation by email at

Applicant Certification

By applying and accepting a scholarship, you have agreed to the below statements by signing the application form in the certification section:

  • I certify the information provided on the application and all supporting documentation submitted at any time is true, correct and complete to the best of
    my knowledge.
  • I understand that if I give information that is not true or if I withhold information and I receive a scholarship for which I am not eligible, the scholarship will be
    denied or revoked.
  • I have submitted a completed GP M.A.D.E. Foundation application form (copies are acceptable).
  • I have attached sheets, as needed, with additional information. My name appears on all sheets/attachments.

  • Parent(s)/Guardian

  • Additional Materials

  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
    In a separate document, please write and upload the following:
    1. All 3 documents required for submission
    2. Please label each document with your full name and write your name on each document
    3. Please share your need based on one of the three GP M.A.D.E. Foundation Eligibility criteria found on page #2.
    4. Include a personal profile of introduction, goals, motivation and why you feel you should receive the scholarship.
    5. Submit your high school transcript with GPA.
    Note: Please place your name on each sheet of paper.
  • Counselor or Teacher References

    Two counselors or teachers
  • Acknowledgement