Putting The Team First

“No one man is bigger than the team.”

In a team sport, no star athlete can exist without the rest of the group. Though star players may be valuable assets who have a special ability to get a fan base energized, as a whole, these talented individuals find their identity on the front of the jersey they wear — not in the name on the back. Good teammates give their full ability for the success of the family, not just for themselves. The best teams are made of people who are always willing to put the collective group efforts first.

To be a great player is to make a commitment to the team and be accountable to your teammates. All great organizations are marked by desire to achieve something extraordinary. There is nothing that compares to the camaraderie of a team working together towards a common goal. This is what separates the exceptional teams from the mediocre: They win as a team and lose as a team.

In order to be a true team player, one must exhibit these five characteristics:

  1. Gives 100 percent
  2. Shows courage on and off the field
  3. Makes no mental mistakes
  4. Cares about the team above all else
  5. Demonstrates loyalty to all

There is a constant growth that comes with trying to make yourself a better team member and leader. There are always areas in life to improve and mature. It is crucial to evaluate your life goals and choices in order to grow.

The components of being a committed team member are:

  • Being academically responsible
  • Having a great Work Ethic
  • Maintaining a positive Attitude
  • Being unselfish
  • Being committed to the team mission and value system

Sometimes, being a leader means taking a subordinate role for the success of the team. Are you willing to sacrifice for your teammates? If not, you may be a hindrance instead of an asset. Winning teams have players who put the good of the team ahead of themselves.

The quote says, “No one man is bigger than the team.” These words stay true throughout years of tryouts, practices, and championships. When a player gives his all mentally, physically and emotionally and not for himself, but for others, then a team can move mountains and succeed as one.