The 100-Yard Journey


Gary Pinkel’s tenure as a collegiate football coach featured enough triumphs, losses, joy and heartbreak to fill an entire book. So that’s exactly what he did. In The 100-Yard Journey: A Life in Coaching and Battling for the Win, Gary Pinkel draws back the curtain for an honest look at a sometimes tumultuous, always fast-changing and ultimately successful career as a football coach.

“Gary’s story is one everyone should know and illustrates how perseverance, hard work and dedication can lead to tremendous success while impacting so many student-athletes both on and off the football field. The real takeaway from this book is that Gary accomplished all of these milestones with the utmost class, character and integrity. As you read this book, I know you will appreciate the message Gary has to deliver while he recounts the trials and tribulations of a truly outstanding college coaching career.” — Nick Saban