Mizzou’s Markus Golden and E.J. Gaines Talk About Family Environment

We caught up with a couple of Tigers and asked them their take of the family environment this year.  It’s impossible not to notice the difference in this year’s team with the close-knit family atmosphere, and the players are certainly showing it.

St. Louis native defensive lineman Markus Golden talked about how former Mizzou Tigers inspired him. “There’s a few players I could point out,” he said. “I could say Sheldon [Richardson] or I could say Kip [Edwards], even Zaviar Gooden, all them guys helped me out. But one I can say that really helped me out was Kenronte Walker.”

Kansas City native cornerback E.J. Gaines talked about how the team has an incredible focus this season. “We had a sour taste in our mouths from last season,” Gaines explained. “That’s where the big part of the focus and family thing comes from. Just doing things different from last year. Last year we weren’t very focused. We were definitely a family, but we knew we had to get a lot closer just from how last season went. So that’s definitely what we’re doing.”

Also covered in the interviews is one of the rising issues this year: who the best NCAA Football video game player is. You won’t want to miss the answer.