Mizzou’s Henry Josey Talks About What Makes Pinkel a Great Coach

Mizzou’s star running back Henry Josey has dealt with perhaps more challenges and setbacks than any Tiger player has in some time. But you wouldn’t think about that just watching him perform out on the field. His determination makes all of the challenging stuff seem like just a part of what he does.

But ask Josey, and he’ll tell you that it’s something that he learned. Taking everything in stride and letting things roll of your back is not in our human nature, but Josey does it. His secret? Learning from Coach Gary Pinkel.

The family atmosphere at Mizzou is something special that players all over the country are catching on to and want to be a part of. In this week’s interview, we talked with Josey about what makes Pinkel so dynamic, and why the family aspect of the team is so important.