Mizzou Winning Edge Program: Speed Station


The off-season gives the Mizzou Football Family time to find their edge, and the Winning Edge program helps them do just that. The team meets bright and early at 6 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday mornings to focus on the attention to detail it takes to succeed as a great football player.

Throughout the 2014 Winning Edge Program, we take a look at the three stations that each player goes through every morning.

“Fundamentals are important at every level,” says Coach Pat Ivey, the assistant athletic director for athletic performance. “We’re trying to teach them those skills of being explosive, and that all starts with their stance.”

The coaching staff breaks it down for the athletes, and they work with a set vocabulary. Focus eyes straight ahead. Fix a 90-degree angle in the elbow joint. Hammer the arm downward in a violent motion. Arch the back, plant the foot, punch the knee, extend the leg.

On Winning Edge mornings, it’s all about the enthusiasm.

“Enthusiasm is part of our team, bottom line,” Ivey says. “Everything feeds off of enthusiasm and the energy it takes and the positivity that you need to be able to focus and get better.”

The Mizzou Winning Edge Program lasts for 5 weeks, concluding Tuesday, March 4.