Mizzou Tiger Talk with the SEC East Champions


Monday at 7 p.m., Buffalo Wild Wings hosts Tiger Talk, an hour-long segment hosted by Mike Kelly, featuring Head Coach Gary Pinkel and Tiger players. The popular sports radio show lasts throughout the football season, and each week the players and head coach talk about the Mizzou Football Family.

Pinkel brought along four senior players to the show: wide receiver Bud Sasser, offensive lineman Mitch Morse, defensive lineman Lucas Vincent, and defensive lineman Markus Golden. The team leaders sat down with Kelly for in-depth interviews on their thoughts on heading down south to compete for the SEC East Championship title.

Grit and Determination

Sasser has had time to reflect on how far the team has come and what they have accomplished this season.

“We’ve got some fighters on our team. We’ve got some guys who really hold themselves to a high standard, and those guys really look up to the seniors and the leaders on this team,” Sasser said. “We have great competitors and we have a bunch of guys who just don’t quit and it goes a long way for this team.”

Morse, a native of Austin, Texas agreed. As a co-captain, Morse has seen the team grow and improve throughout the season. Kelly asked Morse what he has learned from the team, from a leadership standpoint. The offensive lineman’s response was simple and true.

“The grit this team holds is remarkable.” Morse said.

D-Line Zou

Golden and Kelly spent time discussing the defensive line as a whole, and where they find their determination and drive.

Harold Brantley, Charles Harris“We just make sure we’re working really hard and running to the ball.” Golden said. “That’s the big thing about the defensive line. We really like to make big plays all over the field.”

The defensive line is such a tight unit that they have given themselves a unique name. Golden, a captain, explained the origin of the unique term “D-Line Zou”.

“There are a lot of teams around the country that call themselves D-line U, so we just wanted to switch it up and call ourselves D-line Zou because we’re the Tigers,” Golden said.

Back-to-Back Trips To Atlanta

As Golden prepares to travel to Atlanta with the D-line and the rest of the Tigers, he was confident in the team’s ability to compete.

“We just want to show everybody that we have a great team and great coaches, and most of all we feel like we can compete with anybody, no matter what team it is.” Golden said.

Vincent, an Olathe, Kansas native, expressed the honor that every member on the team feels as they head to their second-sLucas Vincenttraight SEC Championship.

“Honestly, its just a blessing.” Vincent said. “For us to go back for a second year, especially after last year, when we came up short, its just a really great thing to go back and get another try for that title.”

Vincent assured Kelly and the live audience that the entire team is battle-tested and war-ready to play in the SEC Championship.

See Mizzou Football compete in its second-straight SEC Championship game at 3 p.m. CT on Saturday, December 6. Follow Mizzou Football on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook for updates throughout game day as the Tigers take on the Crimson Tide in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.