Mizzou Tiger Song of the Week: Matt White

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Senior safety Matt White does not listen to his favorite song before games. He listens to it when he is relaxing and reflecting on the life he has had.

This is his last year as a Missouri Tiger, and he wants to remember it. Despite the fact that it is all but too easy to live in the present this year, as Mizzou is dominating, he realizes the importance of being able to look back at the memories he is building with his teammates at the University of Missouri.

Not surprisingly, his favorite song is “Memories” by Big Sean. The song says success is the idol and being broke is the rival. However, all in all, it’s the importance of looking back at whatever success you’ve had on the grind that is most important.

White is taking in his last few moments here at Mizzou as a football player and as a student at Missouri. With the way things are going this year, it can be for certain that his senior year is one he will never forget.