Mizzou Spirit Spotlight: Llynsie Inglehart


Llynsie Inglehart is a sophomore who comes to Mizzou by way of Dallas, Texas. She left the comfort of home and the familiarity of the big city because everything that Mizzou offered was just “perfect” for her.

“I chose Mizzou because it’s a perfect fit,” she says. “It’s like the perfect class size, the perfect amount of students, and I felt like there was a sense of community even though it’s a big school.”

Her passion for cheering and dancing is something that she has had her whole life. The excitement that she gets now from being able to represent Mizzou makes her endeavor away from home a worth-while cause.

Her favorite part of the game day experience is the pregame festivities. But her single favorite moment was last year when the Golden Girls represented Mizzou at a national competition in Daytona, Fla. Placing in the competition proved to the girls and the rest of the country that the Golden Girls are among the best teams in the nation.