Mizzou Spirit Spotlight: Lauren Brady

Lauren Brady is where she has always wanted to be: at the Zou. A lifelong Tigers fan from Kansas City, Mo., she is a High School Math Education major.

Brady, the daughter of two Mizzou alums, says she always pictured herself going to Mizzou. But, in her senior year of high school she made an “official” visit and had butterflies throughout the whole experience.

Being a dancer since she was 3 years old has certainly helped her prepare for the big role of being a Golden Girl. She finds herself doing something she’d always envisioned.

Her favorite game so far—and why not—was the big 2010 win over then BCS No. 1 ranked Oklahoma on Homecoming.

Watching the preparations before the team takes the field is her favorite part of what she does. Seeing the crowd yell and just being a part of all the overall excitement is a wonderful experience.