Mizzou Spirit Spotlight: Cara Schubbe

Cara Schubbe comes to Mizzou out of St. Louis and is majoring in Parks, Recreation and Tourism. She used to come to The ZOU for football games before she chose Mizzou, and she quickly realized that she wanted to be a part of the action on the field.

Her favorite part about Tiger game days is being on the field in general, but the pregame festivities get an extra nod in her book.

But, as far as her top memories go, being involved in the Mizzou-KU rivalry takes the cake because of the intensity and atmosphere that came with it.

Her favorite part about Columbia is the beautiful Mizzou campus, but she’s also big on the school’s traditions. In particular, she loves the Missouri Waltz that’s done in between the third and fourth quarters. Seeing all of the fan involvement in the stands is an incredible experience.