Mizzou Network Interview with Russell Hansbrough

Sophomore running back Russell Hansbrough had never scored a collegiate touchdown – until this past Saturday in Mizzou’s first home game for the 2013 football season.

Hansbrough said it was a good day for all the running backs, and simply, they did what they had to do. That statement is backed up by the Tigers’ 58-14 victory in The ZOU.

Hansbrough was a big part of that victory, as he added 104 yards off the carry along with a pair of touchdowns to go with it.

When asked about how he plays his position, Hansbrough said that he is versatile. The kid can do a lot. He quickly goes through holes, zipping in between tackles, where people can’t see his 5’9”, 190 lb. frame.

“I can put my head down and get extra yards if I need to, too,” Hansbrough said.

Hansbrough also said that the return of Junior tailback Henry Josey has been a big motivator for him this year, and that motivation is something he plans to keep using throughout the rest of the season.

When asked what is to be expected in the upcoming game against Toledo, Hansbrough shrugged and smiled: “We’ll see.”