Mizzou Legacy: 175 Years


is only One Mizzou, and it has been that way for the past 175 years.

The 2014-2015 academic school year marks the 175th anniversary of The University of Missouri. The years of rich history are visible throughout the 1,262-acre main campus, and through the eyes of Mizzou alumni and faculty who have watched it transform into what it is today.

MU has seen it all. From Vietnam War protests, to the genesis of the computer, to Mizzou Football joining the SEC, it has progressed with the changing generations.

The institution had two students in its first graduating class in 1843. Since then, it has transformed into an economic and academic powerhouse with a $2.1 billion budget, 34,658 students and 271,000 alumni worldwide.

MU boasts 357 buildings and 19,261 acres statewide; 317 degrees and certificates through 18 colleges and schools; more than 100 extension offices; six hospitals and 50+ clinics; nine libraries; and two museums. In addition, the Mizzou campus is a botanical garden with 42,000 plants and trees.

The school is unique because no matter where alumni relocate, they will always be a part of the Mizzou Family, bonded by intellectual drive and electric school pride. The “Mizzou Mafia” and other professional networking systems stay with graduates throughout life.

Rick McGuire, former MU Track and Field Coach and sports psychology professor, is confident that Mizzou’s graduates are the cream of the crop.

“We’re teaching and growing young people who will then go and become great leaders in our communities,” McGuire said. “They will be great doctors in our hospitals and great lawyers in our courtrooms.

When students receive their degrees, they are going out to change the world, not to simply be in the world. Kee Groshong, MU Vice Chancellor Emeritus, says it best:

“It always made me proud when I came and saw the students because they’re such a bright faucet into our future,” Groshong said. “Anybody who believes our country is in trouble should come and spend a day on the college campus and talk to some of these young folks. Then that myth will be dispelled rather rapidly.”

As time passes and life changes, one thing is certain: There will forever be only One Mizzou.