Mizzou Foundation: The Team Bottom Line

The Mizzou Football Family held their weekly foundation meeting on Tuesday to focus on what it means to be a Mizzou Tiger.

This week’s topic was the Team Bottom Line, which everyone says as a group before each practice and game.

Team Bottom Line:

  • Enthusiastic
  • 6-Second Competitors
  • Know Your Assignment
  • Play Tough and Physical

First and foremost, they stressed the importance of enthusiasm. If you are a member of the Mizzou football team, you are enthusiastic about everything in life. No matter how difficult the situation, if you embrace it, it becomes easier.

“During morning workouts and Winnine Edge, we are just as tired as everyone else. But you can’t focus on being tired,” wide receiver Jimmie Hunt said. “Be enthusiastic and give that M-I-Z call. If I look across the field and the defender looks tired, I’m going to take advantage of that.”

“It’s all about being part of Mizzou football,” tailback Marcus Murphy said. “I’ve been playing since I was four, and if you’re excited about it, it makes it even more worthwhile.”

Along with being enthusiastic, every Mizzou football player is a six-second competitor. If you focus on one play at a time and deliver your best during those six seconds, you will have a positive impact on the game.

But before you compete, you must know your assignment.

“It’s plain and simple. If you don’t know your assignment and know what you’re doing, then you won’t play,” wide receiver Darius White said. “The more you focus on what you have to do rather than worrying about everything else, the more you will accomplish.”

And lastly, in order to compete in and win the best conference in college football, you must be tough, and you must be physical.

“If you don’t play tough and physical you’re in the wrong league,” said safety Braylon Webb. “You shouldn’t be playing football.”

“I don’t want to be lined up with someone playing soft,” said Murphy. “I want to be with everyone who plays hard every play.”

Bottom line: This is the next level. You have to play tough and physical. Go out there and deliver.