Mizzou Football Team Receives Cotton Bowl Gear

In one of the more priceless moments from this year’s Mizzou football team, here are some reactions from the team to seeing some of the gifts that the Cotton Bowl is providing for them this year.

It starts off with two shirts, a black short-sleeve and a black long-sleeve, both getting some light chatter. The sweatpants drew some attention, but when the hoodie was pulled out, many players realized that these gifts were going to be good.

Another black short-sleeve Mizzou t-shirt that has the Cotton Bowl logo is shown off before going into another shirt, pair of pants and a beanie hat. The piece of luggage began to build anticipation however, and when the recognizable box of shoes was pulled out, the team knew there was going to be something special inside.

Black shoes with thick neon green laces and edges drew a huge response. But just when you think it can’t get any wilder, the Apple TV and iPad Minis are pulled out, and all the players go nuts. L’Damian Washington looks like he just won something on the Price is Right with his dramatic reaction.

Another shirt is shown off before the reveal of the Cotton Bowl game day jersey to the players. That will be made public on December 30, right here on GaryPinkel.com.