Mizzou Football Special Teams Play of the Week


The Special Teams Play of the Week goes to sophomore placekicker Andrew Baggett.

Baggett has made many field goals in his college football career at Mizzou. However, he achieved a feat this past Saturday against SEC opponent Vanderbilt that he never had before.

Perhaps it was his greatest kick yet.

The young Baggett lined up for a 44-yard field goal attempt, the longest in-game field goal he has ever made. With 8:48 left in the first quarter and a Missouri touchdown already on the scoreboard, Baggett sent the ball flying up with a smooth, swift motion.

There was a pause, as the football sailed through the air. Slanting to the right, the kick seemed like it might not make it through. But, the ball swept by the right goalpost just in time to complete a new personal record for Baggett and add another three points for Mizzou.

Well done, Andrew, and congrats on both the record and the victory over Vanderbilt!