Mizzou Football Special Teams Play of the Week


Junior tailback Marcus Murphy headlines the Special Teams Play of the Week yet again. This time, Murphy added a huge burst of energy and yards in a punt return against Mizzou’s biggest challenge yet: the Georgia Bulldogs.

At the beginning of the second half, Georgia launched a punt up in the air, and the ball ended up in Murphy’s hands just a little above the Tigers’ end zone.

Next, Murphy combusted into a burst of speed and rushed into the all-but-open field in front of him.

After passing by two defenders at the 15, Murphy looked as if he was going to be taken down around the 25-yard line. After a little contact, Murphy pushed through the defense and reached the 40, where it looked like he was going to be taken down again.

However, Murphy was able to put in a little more effort to obtain five more yards for the Tigers before finally being taken down at the 45-yard line. All in all, it was a 43-yard kick return.

Once again, congratulations to Marcus Murphy on yet another Special Teams Play of the Week.