Mizzou Football Seniors Last Hits

Every year at the end of the last practice of the season, the Mizzou seniors get to take their last hit in a Tigers uniform before they play their final college football game.

“The seniors give so much,” Head Coach Gary Pinkel said. “It’s the last practice they’re going to have, and you add up the number of practices, the number of times they’ve lifted weights, all the conditioning they’ve done, and all the time they put into this place for four or five years, and it’s just a tradition of their last hit and we honor them.”

Some players approached it like every other hit they’ve had.

Others got creative.

Wide receivers L’Damian Washington and Jimmie Hunt performed a handshake before Washington gently pushed the tackling dummy to the ground as he jogged by.

Safety Matt White was a little more aggressive, as he flew through the air and took the bag down with a jump-kick.

Offensive lineman Max Copeland, known for his off-the-wall antics, didn’t disappoint—he executed his last hit with his shorts around his ankles.

Tight end Kyle Peasel summoned two of his teammates and became the first-ever Mizzou missile.

Even injured defensive tackle Marvin Foster got in on the action. A torn left biceps tendon suffered against Tennessee kept Mizzou’s vocal leader off the field for the Tigers’ final four games, but he wouldn’t let it stop him from taking part in one of Mizzou’s great traditions. A dance and a sprint brought him face to face with the blue pad, and a phone call took him right past it.

Defensive end Michael Sam stole the show, though. The consensus All-American somersaulted, performed his trademarked sack celebration, spun, and then got down before going low for the hit.