Mizzou Football Rookie Spotlight: Lawrence Lee



The Pensacola, Fla., native Lawrence Lee is a valuable addition to the Mizzou Football family. A graduate of West Florida Tech High School, Lee has been rated the No. 51 Wide Receiver in the nation.

Now a committed Mizzou Tiger, Lee shares why he chose MU. There are a plethora of players who attribute the family atmosphere as a major selling point, Lee included.

“It was a home feeling,” Lee said. “Everybody here treats me like a brother; the coaches treat me like their son. You know, it is a good feeling.”

When Lee was asked to share his thoughts about camp, he explained how sitting through meetings require a specific type of strength.

“You know, the football part is pretty nice, but there is a mental toughness you have got to do to follow the meetings, but it’s going well.”

Lee and fellow wide receiver J’mon Moore look forward to working together in The ZOU.

“We bring a lot to the table. We bring swiftness, we can make big catches, and we can break people off. There’s a whole lot of things we can do out there.”  

Watch Mizzou play its home opener against South Dakota State at The ZOU on August 30. Kickoff is at 2:30 p.m. CT.