Mizzou Football Rookie Spotlight: Ish Witter


The great state of Florida has brought yet another talented player to Mizzou’s roster. Ish Witter, a 5-foot, 8-inch tailback out of Alonso High School in Tampa Bay, says he is very comfortable with Mizzou and the team after just the few short months of being here.

“I love it, it’s very family-oriented,” Witter said. “It’s SEC ball, can’t get any better than that.”

Witter was also very complimentary of position coach Brian Jones.

“Coach Jones is a good man—he’s funny, he knows how to bring you in,” Witter said. “I’m glad to be here for four years with him.”

Witter also considered other theories as to why he and Coach Jones get along so well.

“Both of my parents are from Jamaica. I know I’m Jamaican, so me and Coach Jones might be related,” Witter revealed. “Maybe, maybe not.. They are both from Kingston, a rough area, I think Coach Jones is from around that area too. So you never know, we might be family.”

Witter isn’t just close to coaches, however.

“Morgan Steward, hey, if you don’t get to know him, know him,” Witter gushed. “Best guy around.”

Steward, a sophomore from Kansas City, Mo., averaged 4.0 yards on 21 carries for the team last season and added a touchdown to boot. He’s sure to be an excellent mentor for not only Witter, but for freshmen Trevon Walters and Steven Blakley as well.

Witter said although the adjustment period from high school football to the college game is challenging, it has been a fruitful time of growth as well.

“Everything is just fast, it’s very different from high school,” Witter said. “I’m still getting used to it, but…it’s very good.”