The Price of a Champion

“A champion pays an extra price to be better than anyone else.” – Bear Bryant

The Mizzou Football program has a very clear objective when it comes to making decisions: win in the classroom and win on the field.

The program has four main approaches to winning a football game.

  1. Protect the football – “It’s all about the ball.”
  2. Great Special Forces – Win the kicking game
  3. Mizzou doesn’t beat Mizzou – Elimination of mental errors/penalties
  4. Finish – Win the 4th Quarter
    – Can Mizzou the game in the 1st quarter? No
    – Can Mizzou win the game in the 2nd quarter? No
    – Can Mizzou win the game in the 3rd quarter? No
    – Can Mizzou win the game in the 4th quarter? YES

WINNING is fragile. It is not, however, by accident. There is no such thing as luck when it comes to winning. Winning is a result of investment.

Investment separates us from the rest.

  • Missouri Football program demands:
    a. Great effort
    b. Finish drills
    c. Run from drill to drill
    d. Run on and off the field. That’s what we do at Mizzou!
  • Reward achievement. Live life the right way – have a great attitude.
    b. Class/Study Table attendance
    c. Social Responsibility
    d. Performance on the field – practices and games

You must invest to be a Missouri Football Student-Athlete.