Preparation, Consistency, and Accountability

“The easiest way to have your way is to go out and make it.” – Thoughts for Today

The quote above applies to the standards of the Mizzou Football program. If you want success, you have to make success. You prepare to be the best.

The most important aspect of the Mizzou Football philosophy is preparation. Preparation is the foundation of real emotion, and careful preparation fosters confidence. Confidence becomes contagious and translates into a lasting kind of emotion that pays off on a consistent basis.

Mizzou Football strives to make a greater investment than its opponents in the following areas:

  1. Player Development – strength, speed and quickness
  2. Practice – perfect practice and repetition
  3. Coaching and Teaching
  4. Game Planning
  5. Game Day Adjustments
  6. Mental Investment

Another aspect of the Mizzou Football philosophy is consistency. You must always be on your “A” game if you want success. The Mizzou Football Family believes that with your “A” game, you can beat anyone. If you’re on your “B” game, anyone can beat you. Without consistency, you cannot win consistently.

You must practice consistency. That’s the only way to play your “A” game.

The Mizzou Football philosophy during practice is consistent and prepares you for the game.

The four aspects to practice philosophy:

  1. You play like you practice
  2. You must develop great “practice habits”
  3. You practice the right way
  4. Each drill your fundamentals must be done with speed and proper technique

Mizzou Football trains with passion and effort to make the game easier. You must take accountability and get your job done. This is vital because the strength of the team lies in its ability to trust each teammate will do what they are supposed to do.

The Mizzou Football philosophy helps the team grow as players and men. Mizzou Football student-athletes are prepared, consistent and accountable for everything asked of them. They make sacrifices for the good of the team because they know hard work is necessary for success and to win championships.