Mizzou Football Offensive Play of the Week


Do you remember where you were when this happened? A lot of Missouri fans will never forget.

Clinging to a 28-26 lead with 9:34 left in the fourth quarter and starting quarterback James Franklin having just left the game with an injury, Mizzou squashed out a Georgia comeback on Saturday with this incredible play.

Having just replaced Franklin on the field, sophomore quarterback Maty Mauk took the snap out of the shotgun and passed it behind the line of scrimmage to wide receiver Bud Sasser. It looked like a screen play, up until Sasser stopped in his tracks and looked downfield. With the Georgia defense closing in, Sasser unleashed a rainbow.

The ball flew through the air for more than 40 yards, only to come down in the end zone, right in the leaping lap of wide receiver L’Damian Washington, who had a defender holding onto him as they both fell.

The play, a 40-yard touchdown pass for Sasser, put Mizzou up 34-26 and gave the Tigers breathing room in a contest that, at one point, looked like they had in the bag.

A little more than nine minutes later, Mizzou completed its upset over the formally ranked No.7 Georgia in Athens. Mizzou jumped from No.25 to No.14 in the AP rankings with the win, and now sits atop the SEC East with a 6-0 (2-0 SEC) record.