Who Do You Want To Be?

“Whatever you do, don’t do it halfway.” – Bob Beamon

At Mizzou Football, we believe that players and coaches have a choice to be two kinds of people: a want- to-be or a champion. The only person who has the power to decide which you will be is yourself.


NO DRIVE– Does not care whether he wins or loses. Goes with the tide.

KNOW IT ALL– Never listens and will not accept new ideas. Rebel, griper. Works by himself. Has excuses.

MOUSE– High on self-doubt. Always kicking himself. Does not know how to compete.

FOLLOWER– Will go with the crowd and generally behind them. Never tries to lead. Lacks self-initiative.

A WATCHER– If there is an accident, he watches or runs away. Worried about what people think. Afraid to fail.

CORNER CUTTER– Cuts out tough part of practice. Always has excuses. Coasts.

HYPOCHONDRIAC– A muscle grabber – always has an injury. Never works out consistently.

COMPLAINER– Gives up easily and is easily distracted from the job at hand. Will look good when competition is not of high caliber and will look bad in the big game or when things get tough.

QUITTER– Cannot stick to the end. Easily distracted. Starts many jobs, finishes few. Unreliable. His favorite statement when faced with adversity is, “Here we go again.”

Those who possess the above characteristics have chosen to be want-to-be’s. They have not worked toward being a champion. A champion is a person who possesses the following characteristics.


AMBITION– Desire for high goals. Hates to lose. Cannot stand failure. Puts goals above ability.

COACHABLE– Takes advice and is easy to coach. Eager to learn. Easy to approach. Follows rules and directions.

AGGRESSIVE– “First place belongs to me” type. Asserts himself. Great competitor. Dying to be the best.

LEADERSHIP– Shows the way and sets a good example. Respected by team members. Mixes well. Others follow his example and take his advice.

TAKES CHARGE– Will take over when things go wrong. Under pressure, he does something about the problem. Often a hero.

HARD WORKER– One of the first to practice- the last to leave. Does extra work. Never misses workouts and follows instructions. Self-starter!

PHYSICAL TOUGHNESS– Develops toughness byt gard work. In great shape. Keeps training rules and trains year around. Leads conditioning.

MENTAL TOUGHNESS– Develops toughness by hard work. In great shape. Keeps training rules and trains year around. Leads conditioning.

PSYCHOLOGICAL ENDURANCE– Stays with job until the end. Will do his best against top competition. High endurance all season. Reliable. Accountable to teammates. He will finish the job.

Only putting in half your effort will always lead you to be a want-to-be. The only way to be a champion is to give the task at hand everything you’ve got. It is never too late to choose to be a champion; the choice is yours. Who will you be?