Mizzou Football Fall Camp Dances


When collegiate sports teams begin practice, it is common to find the players drinking water, stretching, and gearing up for workouts. The Mizzou Football Family does something a little different — they dance.

It all started at the 2014 Cotton Bowl, when Head Coach Gary Pinkel celebrated a Missouri victory following the championship game. The head coach showed off his best dance moves as his players chanted “GP…GP!” A video of his dance went viral and since then, Coach Pinkel decided he wanted to bring dancing into the ZOU before fall camp practices.

Throughout camp, each dance was recorded and posted on Facebook and Instagram for Mizzou fans to enjoy.

Morning practices never got old when the quarterbacks and specialists were dancing along to “Jump On It”, or when the equipment staff dressed like Beyoncé and danced to “Single Ladies”.

Now, it is your turn to vote for who had the best dance from Fall Camp. Vote below for your favorite Tiger dance team and the results will speak for themselves.