Mizzou Football Coach Gary Pinkel Visits Kansas City

When Gary Pinkel arrived at Mizzou in 2001, he noticed top high school football players in both St. Louis and Kansas City didn’t view Mizzou as a premier destination. But, one of the things Pinkel has done to change the overall perception of the Missouri program is to become directly involved with the fan bases on both major metros.

On Pinkel’s most recent visit to Kansas City, he visited with Tiger Club when he stopped by its weekly meeting.

Pinkel speaks about the importance of traveling the state saying, “So why don’t we go to Kansas City and St. Louis, why don’t we go to them and do our own ‘car wash’ here?”

Whether it was posing for pictures with fans, shaking countless alumni’s hands or signing barrels painted with “Go Mizzou,” Pinkel’s visit to Kansas City is one Mizzou fans are sure to remember and one coach Pinkel will be carrying with him for a long time.