Mizzou Football Coach Gary Pinkel Talks Preparation


The #1 motivator in Coach Pinkel’s program philosophy is Preparation. Real emotion is built up over time, and its foundation is preparation. Careful preparation fosters confidence. That confidence becomes contagious and translates into a lasting kind of emotion that really pays off on a consistent basis.

We will make a greater investment than our opponents in the following areas:

  1. Player Development – strength, speed and quickness
  2. Practice – perfect practice and repetition
  3. Coaching and Teaching
  4. Game Planning
  5. Game Day Adjustments
  6. Mental Investment

Mental Preparation is broken down into two specific areas – Game Week Mental Preparation and 48 Hour Preparation.

Game Week Mental Preparation
a) Player mastery of game plan through video study
b) Know opponent’s strengths and weaknesses through video study
c) Know opponent’s personnel through video study
d) Visualization of game plan

48 Hour Mental Preparation
a) Control of distractions/levity
b) Visualization
c) Video study
d) Gradual buildup of focus/GAME FACE
e) Control of sleep and diet