Mizzou Football Big Hits


Mizzou’s road trip to face Ole Miss this past week was full of big hits. The Missouri Tiger defense was extremely stingy against the Rebels as they allowed only three points in as many red zone trips. Mizzou jumped out to a 17-3 halftime lead on a ranked opponent on the road. These big hits were a huge factor in the defensive success.

Morgan Steward – The first big hit is on a special teams play during a punt return. Steward rides his man well during the punt and then lights him up about 40 yards downfield.

Matt White – White delivers a devastating hit to an Ole Miss receiver and keeps him from making a critical first down reception.

Justin Britt – When an offensive lineman gets a big hit, you better look out. Britt sends a defensive tackle flying across the line of scrimmage like the game was being played on the moon and enables the Mizzou running back.

Kyle Peasel & Michael Scherer – This next hit is a combo highlight as the two players were able to smother a kickoff coverage man into the turf.

Andrew Wilson – A running back attempts to come out of the backfield and engage Mizzou’s leading active career tackler, which is a bad idea. Wilson blasts the would-be blocker onto his backside with ease.

Shane Ray – Just when the Ole Miss running back thinks he’s got some daylight, Ray comes charging from behind and swallows the back up, keeping him from the first down.

Evan Boehm – The final big hit comes from Boehm who looks for a man to block and sends his target backward off of his feet.