Mizzou Football Big Hits


Mizzou racked up the big hits in its 48-17 victory over Kentucky. The Missouri Tiger defense recorded 7.0 sacks and 11 tackles for a loss. The offensive line also laid the lumber and pancaked Kentucky defenders left and right and not allowing a single sack.

Here are the biggest hits from Saturday:

0:07 – Defensive lineman Harold Brantley got the party started on special teams and protected punter Christian Brinser when he corralled an airborne Kentucky defender and slammed him to the turf.

0:19 – Running back Morgan Steward got in on the special teams action as well by driving a Kentucky special teamer in pursuit of the ball straight into the ground, eliminating any chance of him getting to the Mizzou return man.

0:33 – More special teams action. This time linebacker Darvin Ruise didn’t let the pursuant Wildcat get 10 yards before he put him on his back.

0:46 – The Kentucky quarterback thought he had an opening on the right side on a read option. Defensive back Randy Ponder made him think otherwise with a punishing blow that sent the quarterback backward.

1:00 – Linebacker Andrew Wilson told his blocker to get out of his way with a shoulder that put him on the grass.

1:09 – The Kentucky ball carrier thought he had a touchdown until safety Duron Singleton came out of nowhere to hit him out of bounds as he was about to dive for the pylon.

1:17 – A Kentucky running back tried to block cornerback E.J. Gaines, and Gaines said no, lowering his shoulder and putting the blocker on his back.