Mizzou Football Big Hits


0:05 – Big hits don’t just happen on defense. Tight end Eric Waters proves that when he blindsides a Tennessee special teamer and puts him on the turf.

0:21 – Linebacker Donovan Bonner continues the defensive front seven’s hard-hitting ways when he pummels the Tennessee quarterback as he lets go of the ball and forces an incompletion.

0:33 – Offensive lineman Justin Britt makes his first of three appearances on this week’s edition of “Big Hits” when he pancakes a defensive lineman to give Russell Hansbrough enough running room to pick up the first down.

0:47 – Linebacker Darvin Ruise makes the Tennessee quarterback’s day even more unpleasant when he swoops in to help his teammates complete a tackle and slams the QB to the ground.

1:01 – Linebacker Andrew Wilson wasn’t fooled by the read option, as he and two other Mizzou defenders annihilate the Tennessee ball carrier and send him flying out of bounds.

1:16 – Defensive linemen Matt Hoch and Shane Ray hunt down the Tennessee quarterback and bring him down for the sack.

1:28 – Defensive lineman Lucas Vincent sprints after the halfback on a screen, and he demolishes the blocker that tries to get in his way.

1:45 – Justin Britt is back, and this time he levels a defensive lineman to give Maty Mauk time to scramble out of the end zone and avoid a safety.

1:56 – Justin Britt puts another defensive lineman on his back. The result? Another Mizzou first down.

Mizzou’s big hits on all sides of the ball are a big reason why they’re 8-1 and in first place in the SEC East.