Mizzou Football Big Hits

Take a seat and have a look at some of the biggest hits from Mizzou’s win over Florida. With Mizzou’s defense stepping up its game this year, there will be no shortage of plays like these.

Duron Singleton: If anyone out there wants to see a complete textbook tackle, take a look at what Singleton does to the return man for the Gators. He stays low and explodes out of a crouched stance to flatten the ball carrier with a solo tackle. It really does not get any more clean than that.

Kentrell Brothers: Sophomore linebacker Kentrell Brothers catches a Florida receiver in no man’s land and absolutely flattens him within the allotted 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage. Brothers has been a key part of Mizzou’s defense, and with plays like this, it’s not hard to see why.

Justin Britt: The offensive line isn’t the first place you might think of when someone’s talking about big hits, but Justin Britt changes all that on this play. Britt finds himself in the second level of the defense after leaving the line, then proceeds to knock his man down not once, but twice in this high-energy play for an offensive lineman.

Aarion Penton: With the injury to star cornerback E.J. Gaines, everyone in the secondary has really had to step up. This includes Aarion Penton, who is filling in for Gaines. He makes his coaches and teammates happy with this hit as Florida attempts to execute a screen pass. Penton sniffs out the play and upends the receiver.

Kony Ealy: After blowing right through the Florida offensive line, Ealy lights up the quarterback, causing a fumble that Mizzou would recover.

Shane Ray: Ray makes quick work of the left tackle that’s opposing him and nails the quarterback to cause a fumble that Mizzou would recover.

Russell Hansbrough: Think running back Russell Hansbrough is a one trick pony? Check him out here, taking on the would-be pass rusher and putting him flat on his back. Hansbrough explodes out of the backfield to take on the defender. It’s just an example of how the running backs are all helping with the passing game as well.

Evan Boehm: Versatility is the name of the game if you’re an offensive lineman for Mizzou, and that’s exactly what Evan Boehm shows on this play. Boehm gets out in the flat to assist on the screen play and takes his defender out of the equation and sends him into a backward somersault.

Shane Ray: The second of Ray’s big hits comes on this pass where he hits the quarterback from behind and completely disrupts the play.

Mitch Morse: Don’t forget about the right side of the offensive line, where Mitch Morse is when he blows up the man in pursuit of the ball carrier and sends him off his feet with this hit.

Randy Ponder: Want to try to pick on Randy Ponder one-on-one? No problem, just another highlight for the cornerback out of Edmond, Okla. Ponder puts a big hit on the receiver to let the offense know that he isn’t to be taken lightly.

Evan Boehm: Finally, Boehm ends up with his second big hit of the week as he rides the defender to the ground on this play. The defender doesn’t even see Boehm coming until it’s too late, and Mizzou has another positive offensive play under its belt.