Mizzou Football Big Hits



The Mizzou front seven laid down the lumber all game in the Tigers 45-28 win over Indiana and were a big reason why they were able to limit the nation’s sixth-ranked scoring offense to only 14 points through three quarters.

The Hoosier’s offensive line was no match for the Tigers down in the trenches. Indiana quarterbacks Nate Sudfeld and Tre Roberson were constantly put on their backs by the Mizzou linebackers and defensive linemen.

The first big hit came from SEC Defensive Line Player of the Week Kony Ealy. The 275-pound defensive end needed just three quick steps and a swim move to get past his blocker and pummel Sudfeld as he released the ball, causing the pass to be nowhere near the intended receiver.

Defensive lineman Shane Ray delivered the next punishing blow. The redshirt sophomore exploded past his blocker in just two steps, causing Sudfeld to rush his throw. Ray drove the quarterback to the ground and the ball sailed high and out of bounds for another incompletion.

Collaboration and deception paved the way for another strong pass rush when Ray and defensive lineman Harold Brantley crisscrossed after the snap. The subtle trickery confused the Indiana offensive line, which didn’t switch in time to get in front of Brantley. Brantley nailed Roberson as he threw, forcing yet another overthrow.

On the other side of the ball, running back Henry Josey got in on the fun when he leveled a blitzing Indiana defensive back, allowing quarterback James Franklin to escape pressure and scramble for a few extra yards.