Mizzou Football Athlete Spotlight: L’Damian Washington

What Mizzou fans might know about Mizzou wide receiver L’Damian Washington is that he entered his senior season aiming to be one of the Tiger’s go-to guys this year.

What they might not know is what he’s had to deal with on his road to the Zou.

In this moving piece, Washington describes how he and his brothers banded together while growing up in Shreveport, La. to help raise one another. Before he finished his sophomore year of high school, L’Damian had lost both of his parents.

“Me and my brothers were struggling like never before,” he says. “It’s like I took all my frustration out and put it into football.  I was like, ‘I need to do something to let my brothers know that everything’s going to be all right.’”

But getting to Mizzou to play football wasn’t all he had on his agenda. Washington graduated with a degree in psychology in four years, before he was done with his football eligibility.

He also volunteers with Columbia youths and has an incredible talent of relating to many of their situations and helping them get on the right track in life.

In perhaps the most touching element of the video, Washington describes the joy of playing in the Independence Bowl against North Carolina, which was played in his hometown of Shreveport. “My brothers hadn’t been to a Mizzou game until that game,” Washington explains. “It was kind of just a sweet moment around Christmas time. It doesn’t get any better than that. It was just a great day for me and my family.”

Just from watching Mizzou games, it’s easy to see Washington’s work ethic and what he brings to the Mizzou family. But, from watching this piece, you can appreciate where he’s from and where he’s going—the real inspiration of his life.

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