Mizzou Football Approach to Tiger Pride

“Be an encourager; not a discourager.”

The above quote describes the Mizzou Football Family’s approach to attitude. To be successful, encouraging those around you is key.

Another key component is having pride. Pride in yourself, pride in your coaches and pride in your teammates. Tiger Pride has a lot of components, and it’s something that all Mizzou Football players must strive for.

Tiger Pride

  1. Tiger Pride begins with people. It is having a superior concern for people. It is an abiding respect for the dignity and potential of every person in our program.
  2. Tiger Pride is coming together as a team. Everyone in our football program has a role to play, everyone has a part, and everyone must contribute.
  3. Tiger Pride is integrity. It is a commitment to integrity that is lived 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year.
  4. Tiger Pride must be synonymous with the word trust. There has to be mutual trust between the people in our football program. Here is what mutual trust is all about it. You must work harder than you have ever worked in your entire life because the guy next to you is working harder than he has ever worked in his entire life. He trusts you and you trust him.
  5. Tiger Pride is compassion. Every Mizzou athlete is treated fairly and honestly.
  6. Tiger Pride is leadership. Leadership seems to be the marshaling of skills possessed by a majority, but used by a minority. Leadership can be learned by anyone, taught to everyone, denied to no one. Nice guys are dime a dozen – a leader is priceless.
  7. Tiger Pride is about winning and being a winner. Winning is reaching your full potential and becoming all that you can become. Winning is giving your best shot every day. Winning is overcoming setbacks, frustration and adversity.
  8. Tiger Pride is a continued pursuit of excellence. It is doing all the little things right. Tiger Pride is doing 1,000 little things 1 percent better than our competition.
  9. Tiger Pride is methodical day-to-day- work. Tiger Pride is summer conditioning and summer ball. It is two-a-day practices. Tiger Pride is in-season preparation. It is winter workouts and spring football.
  10. Tiger Pride is you. Tiger Pride is feeling good about yourself because you are special. Tiger Pride is being #1. Tiger Pride is being a part of a great university in an exceptional place… MISSOURI! WE ARE MIZZOU!