2015 NFL Combine: Mitch Morse

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class=”p1″>Offensive lineman Mitch Morse is demonstrating what it means to be Mizzou Made at the 2015 NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Since the 2015 Citrus Bowl, Morse has been training and preparing for the opportunity to compete in the 2015 NFL Combine. Now, as a current competitor in the showcase, Morse is putting his months of preparation to the test in front of NFL coaches, scouts, and general managers.

The NFL Combine is a weeklong showcase that consists of physical tests and mental evaluations. When Morse is not on the field or in the weight room, he is conducting interviews with various media outlets.

“You’re always kept on your toes, but it has been a blessing already,” Morse said. “It’s exciting, it really is.”

Morse is not the only offensive lineman in Tiger history to make his mark in Indianapolis. Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman Justin Britt was in Morse’s shoes just one year ago at the 2014 combine.

“He left such an impression on everyone at the combine, so I know the importance,” Morse said. “It starts not only at the physical aspect, but at the interviews, the meet and greets—you’re always on the clock here.”

As Morse moves forward with the weeklong showcase, he finds wisdom and strength in the lessons he learned from his Mizzou Football Family.

“Here you have to be super disciplined to your schedule and eating habits,” said Morse. “Mizzou establishes that in you and it has really helped me over the last few weeks.”

Mizzou’s combine participants are the latest in a long string of Mizzou Made stars seeking a spot in the NFL, ranking Mizzou in the top five nationwide of first-round picks since 2009. Follow @GaryPinkel and @MizzouFootball on Twitter and Facebook for updates throughout the week on Morse and other Mizzou Made athletes at the combine.