Mizzou Coaches to Speak at Positive Coaching Workshop

Mizzou Positive Coaching Workshop 2013

Head Coach Gary Pinkel will be a featured speaker at next week’s Positive Coaching Workshop, which will highlight Mizzou’s innovative Positive Coaching program and help educate other coaches about how to engage in positive coaching.

The Missouri Institute for Positive Coaching is hosting the workshop, which will begin Monday, June 16, and run through Thursday, June 19, on the Mizzou campus.

The four-day workshop is designed to help coaches of sports of all levels enhance their positive coaching skills and will be led by Dr. Rick McGuire, director of sport psychology and founder of the Missouri Institute for Positive Coaching. McGuire was the Mizzou Track and Field Head Coach from 1983-2010.  He was also a member of the U.S. Olympic track and field staff during the 1992 Barcelona games and the 1996 Atlanta games.

In addition to Pinkel, featured speakers include Pat Ivey, the Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Performance, Mizzou Wrestling Head Coach Brian Smith, and  Volleyball Head Coach Wayne Kreklow.

A combination of sport psychology and positive psychology, positive coaching is about both demanding excellence and promoting athletes’ personal well-being.  It is based on personal relationships fostered between coaches and athletes and emphasizes intrinsic motivation, communication, and helping athletes achieve their optimal performance—both in athletics and in life.  Coaches at the workshop will attend sessions that will teach them how to help their athletes:

  • Prepare better
  • Achieve more
  • Experience personal excellence
  • Be prouder, happier, and healthier
  • Feel more fulfilled for their efforts
  • Be motivated to come back and do more

Coaches will also participate in activities that will help them build their personal positive coaching philosophies and learn about the principles of positive coaching and the six stages of positive coaching. The Principles of Positive Coaching are:

  1. Discover the Calling
  2. Build the Foundation
  3. Cultivate Positive and Caring Relationships
  4. Empower Growth Mindsets
  5. Inspire Passionate Hearts
  6. Produce and Achieve Optimal Performances

The workshop will give coaches the opportunity to network with other coaches from around the country and learn the art of positive coaching from Mizzou coaches who have mastered the skill.

The cost of the workshop is $400 per coach, but the rate goes down if at least three coaches from one school sign up. That cost includes meals, a pass to the state-of-the-art MizzouRec, a polo shirt, and a binder.

For more details about the workshop or for a registration form click here. To register online, click here.