Mizzou Alumni Association Gives Coach Pinkel an Honorary Degree

Mizzou grants Coach Pinkel an Honorary Degree

15 years as a Mizzou Tiger on the field with a coach’s visor, and now a Mizzou Tiger for all posterity! On September 16, 2022, the Mizzou Alumni Association awarded GP M.A.D.E. Founder Gary Pinkel an honorary degree on September 16, 2022.

Coach Pinkel served as Head Football Coach for the University of Missouri from 2001-2015, earning the title of “winningest football coach in Mizzou history.” Coach Pinkel is well-known for mentoring his players on and off the field. His program “Mizzou Made” focused on four core values:

-Treat Women with Respect
-No Drugs
-Respect Cultural Differences

The result of this program was young men who put team first and found success on the football field and also in life. When Coach Pinkel retired from coaching and shifted to his focus to philanthropy, his “Mizzou Made” philosophy helped shape the GP M.A.D.E. Foundation — Making a Difference Every-Day in the lives of youths facing difficult challenges.

Congrats on your honorary degree coach, and many thanks to the Mizzou Alumni Association!