Henry Josey Wins Hammer Strength All-American Honors


The incredible journey of Mizzou Made running back Henry Josey continues to get more and more surreal.

He led the Tigers in rushing during the whirlwind 2013 season, which saw the team claim the SEC’s best record in only its second year in the conference, contributed to a Cotton Bowl win, and successfully returned from a devastating knee injury sustained in 2011. 

Now, on top of all the other successes he has earned, Josey has been selected as one of 17 Hammer Strength All-Americans, the only Mizzou football player to garner such an honor. Josey’s determination and resolve to get back out on the field when other players in the same situation might have packed it in and called it a career is truly inspiring. 

And he did more than just play. Josey posted an average of 6.7 yards per carry this past season while enduring the physical punishment that comes with a career-high 174 carries brings. Not satisfied with just one career high, Josey’s 16 scores in 2013 nearly doubled his previous best. 

Josey’s triumphs on the field have not gone unnoticed by NFL scouts, who are intrigued by Henry’s shifty and agile running style. Josey’s remarkable skills could lead him to being picked in the 2014 Draft, fulfilling his lifelong dream of playing professional football—a dream that many doubted would come to fruition after his injury. 

Josey exemplifies everything an All-American stands for, and as a perseverant and talented athlete, he is well-deserving of the Hammer Strength All-American title.

ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi took a look at Josey’s incredible comeback. Watch below: