Happy Holidays from the Mizzou Football Family

The holidays are always a good time to get together with friends, family and the one thing at Mizzou that incorporates both of those things—team.

The Mizzou Tigers look forward to their upcoming bowl game, but the team also took in the vibes of the holiday season while at the practice facility this past week.

Songs like Silent Night and Santa Clause is Coming to Town were bellowed out by team members, among laughter and overall holiday cheer.

Each age group got its chance—the freshmen, the sophomores, the juniors and the seniors. At the end of practice, Coach Pinkel gathered all the players together and asked for one more song to be sung by the whole team, We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

The players were more than happy to do so and they showed one of the truest virtues of the holiday season—family.

And that is exactly what the Mizzou Tigers football team is all about.

M-I-Z! And Happy Holidays!