#HangoutWithGP: Google+ Hangout with Gary Pinkel and Jeremy Maclin


It’s November, Mizzou fans.—the month where champions are made.

They’re made on the practice field and in the weight room and crowded in stadiums full of screaming fans clad in black and gold.

Coach Gary Pinkel took the time to chat with some of those fans on Tuesday, answer their questions and thank them for their incredible support. From his home in New Jersey, Mizzou All-American and current Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin joined Pinkel and fans to answer questions.

The first question came from Jen Reeves, a Mizzou graduate and longtime fan. Her son wanted to know how Maclin is able to jump over people, which got a laugh from the pro receiver.

Her next question, for Coach Pinkel, was a little more serious. With all the success the team has had this year and all the excitement it has generated in Columbia and across the nation, she asked Pinkel how he keeps the team focused.

“They’re really easy to get back to the moment,” Pinkel said. “They understand what their goals are. They understand that their preparation is going to determine how they play, and collectively, it’s really been great to be around these guys.”

Ed McKinzie was the next person to chime in. He referenced the current Miami Dolphins situation and asked Coach Pinkel how he stresses the importance of team leadership.

In response, Pinkel cited the number one core value of the Mizzou football program, which is “respect the cultural differences of your teammates.” Being in his 22nd year as a head coach, Pinkel knows that he has to draw a line to make sure things don’t go too far.

“I use the term ‘draw blood,’” Pinkel said. “If you start drawing blood, when you’re kidding around becomes personal, then you’re not only hurting the guy that you’re verbally attacking, but you’re also hurting the team and what we’re about and the things we have to be.”

Watch the full hangout above with Coach and J-Mac, and make sure you check GaryPinkel.com to see when the next Google+ #HangoutWithGP is so you can have the opportunity to ask Coach Pinkel questions.