GP M.A.D.E. participates in Game Day

Coach Pinkel attended an away game watch party hosted by Dan Devers, Jason Andrews and Steve McCarton Saturday in Kansas City for Mizzou’s game versus Georgia. The watch party was held at National Golf Club in North Kansas City, and participants were invited to go watch the game, meet Coach Pinkel and listen to former Mizzou players talk about their experiences suiting up to play on game day.

Participants paid $250 a couple to attend the party, and all proceeds went to the GP M.A.D.E. foundation. 25% of all funds then went to the Tiger Scholarship Fund. Former players L’Damian Washingon, Chase Coffman and Martin Rucker and more were also in attendance.

The fundraiser collected approximately $15,000 in support of the GP M.A.D.E. foundation and the Tiger Scholarship Fund.