GP M.A.D.E. funds used to buy Special Learning Center Equipment

The Special Learning Center in Jefferson City, Mo. used part of a $16,000 grant from the GP M.A.D.E. Foundation to purchase new sensory and adaptive interactive play items.

The Center currently has three immobile children in the four and five year-old classroom where the equipment is used. Grant funds were also used to purchase low-height, stable shelving to house the interactive items, as well as safe rubberized floor mats.

The new technology allows children, like Blake in the photo above, to pull themselves up to interact with the toys in a safer manner. The soft surface flooring provides extra safety. For the children, these are exciting toys that give them more options at playtime.

“To Blake, they are fun toys,” executive director Stephanie Johnson said. “To our staff, the items we purchased are interactive, educational tools that help develop the children.” With the new equipment, Blake was able to pull himself up independently— something of which is a relatively new skill for him! While many children regularly play while standing, for some children this is a big accomplishment that GP M.A.D.E. has played a part in.

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