GP M.A.D.E. donates $15,000 to Wonderland Camp

GP M.A.D.E Donates to Wonderland Camp

The GP M.A.D.E. Foundation gave its first grant since its launch in April to Wonderland Camp in Rocky Mount, Mo. Pinkel says the foundation has already raised approximately $265,000 of which will be divided up in several grants— the first being a $15,000 grant to Wonderland Camp.
Wonderland Camp’s mission is to provide a safe, fun and educational experience for children, teenagers and adults who have disabilities. The camp offers activities that range anywhere from swimming to evening dances and karaoke.

“I got to see the whole entire camp and got to see videos of all these kids… doing all these things that they never thought that they could ever do and have this remarkable experience,” Coach Pinkel said. “I got back in the car and called my sister right away. I said, ‘you won’t believe this place and what they’re doing.’”

Assisting children and youth with physical challenges is one of the three pillars of the GP M.A.D.E. Foundation, which both the foundation and Wonderland Camp continue to do.

Learn more about Wonderland Camp here.