GP M.A.D.E. Donates $15,000 to Ellis Fischel Cancer Center for New Treatment Device

GP M.A.D.E. Foundation donates $15,000 to Ellis Fischel Cancer Center to purchase CADD pumps seen here

In fall of 2022, the GP M.A.D.E. Foundation donated $15,000 to Ellis Fischel Cancer Center. This grant funded the purchase of portable CADD pumps for prolonged administration of chemotherapy drugs for acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients. Treatment for this type of leukemia includes a medication that must be given by IV continuously for 28 days, and CADD pumps make this possible.

For the first time ever, Mid-Missouri children battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia can acquire CADD pumps in Columbia, rather than having to travel to St. Louis or Kansas City.

Ellis Fischel Cancer Center is part of the University of Missouri Health Care and was the first comprehensive cancer center west of the Mississippi River. Ellis Fischel’s team of physician specialists and other trained professionals work together with a common goal: to provide the latest cancer treatments and improve quality of life for thousands of people each year.

A core value of the GP M.A.D.E. Foundation is to support Missouri children battling cancers including leukemia and lymphoma. We are grateful to our supporters who Make A Difference Every-day in the lives and futures of children and youth.