Google+ Hangout with Gary Pinkel and Pat Ivey

Wednesday, September 3, fans got the opportunity yet again to hangout and chat with Mizzou Football Head Coach Gary Pinkel. Joining Pinkel was Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Performance Pat Ivey.

Pinkel said he enjoys these hangouts because it gives him the opportunity to be transparent with Mizzou fans and let them know what is going on inside the program. Specifically, this hangout focused on how Dr. Ivey helps players develop athletically through technology, sports psychology, and nutrition.

The athletic performance department started up in 2007, Within this department, sport psychology and nutrition have an important place in the development of athletes.

Dr. Ivey also discussed “applied performance,” the problem-solving and technology component of athletic performance, which was started just a few weeks ago. Dr. Ivey and other athletic trainers are able to track player’s food intake and hours of sleep—all through technology.

When asked about the advancements of technology-related training and how it has changed since Pinkel first arrived at Mizzou, he jokingly said, “I got tired of Pat (Ivey) walking through the door every month saying, ‘Hey coach, I got something else, we need money!’”

Mizzou Football is constantly trying to improve the performance of its players in any way it can. While the hangout talked mostly about technology-enhanced athletic performance, Mizzou strives to make its athletes better men off the field as well. This is clearly demonstrated in two of its four core values: treating women with respect and respecting cultural differences within the program. Mizzou also leads the SEC in athlete graduation rates and has a 97 percent graduation rate for its seniors in the past five years.

Pinkel also talked about being #MizzouMade and how Mizzou Football wants to stay on the cutting edge of athletic training technology to develop players better than any other program in the nation.

However, not all questions related to athletic performance and training. A class from Gentry Middle School in Columbia tuned into the hangout to ask Pinkel a few questions of their own. One student asked if fans would see a flea flicker play sometime soon.

“Look for it in the second quarter of this weekend’s game,” Pinkel responded.

Fans will have to wait and see if this request becomes a reality when Mizzou travels to Toledo on Saturday, September 6. Kickoff is set for 11 a.m. CT and the game will be televised on ESPN. Make sure to get in on the conversation and join Coach Pinkel’s Google+ Hangout next month!