Gary Pinkel Featured on Pat Ivey Performance Podcast

From program structure to program philosophy, Coach Gary Pinkel is still not changing what he does. And with good reason – a track record of success done the right way is his proven methodology, and put simply, it works. He’s based his entire career on treating the people the right way and that’s something he’ll continue standing by.

Show Highlights

With his early influencers being high school and college football coaches, Coach Gary Pinkel knew exactly how he wanted to build a football program, which is exactly what he set out to do. He got the right coaches on board who then disseminated the philosophy both laterally and vertically throughout the program.

What set Coach Pinkel’s program apart is the relentless evaluation he and his staff continuously underwent. This evaluation is what ensured the standards Coach Pinkel demanded of all involved with his program, but it’s also the standards which became the norm in such a successful program.

His emphasis on treating people the right way was also evident throughout the program. Coach Pinkel had set processes for changing behavior for the better to continue the positive, successful direction of the program for the benefit of all involved. The care he put into his staff and players is evident in the support he continues to see while battling health issues in retirement.

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