No Excuses in Mizzou Football

Every Tuesday in the month of February, the Mizzou Football Family has Mizzou Foundation Meetings to refresh on leadership skills and the core of the program.

On Tuesday, February 18, the seniors stressed the importance of the program’s preeminent foundation to the freshmen: No excuses.

The seniors told the freshman that, when they were in their position, they thought they were always right.

They learned very quickly that this philosophy was wrong.

At Mizzou, you sprint through the line and complete every drill.

At Mizzou, you finish. No excuses.


And as they’ve matured through their years here, they’ve realized that this mindset not only applies to football, but to life.

If you get called out, own up to it and be accountable for your actions. As a result, your team, your family, will become stronger.

Work hard on the football field. Work hard in the classroom. Work hard in life.

No excuses.